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27. korrik 2015.

PresevoThe Minister for Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs Aleksandar Vulin said yesterday in Presevo that the state spent about 15,000 euros per day for the reception of migrants, and that the figure would only increase, so that Serbia needed assistance from the international community.

During the tour of the Collective Center for the reception of migrants in Presevo, Minister Vulin noted that he had had a meeting with a high delegation of the UNHCR two days before. The delegation, as he pointed out, "was impressed by the response of the Serbian government, because no country on the migrants’ route acted in such an organized, humane and effective manner as Serbia did". 

“That is the official position of the UNHCR and the UN believes that Serbia can only be congratulated on its conduct. Of course, we also need help. However, the UNHCR’s assistance  isn’t sufficient, so that the countries in our environment, primarily the EU, must define a policy of what is to be done with these people, "said Minister Vulin.

Source: Economic Review, B92, Mondo, Alo, Studio B and Coordination Body