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17. August 2011.

Vranje – The construction of a mini hydroelectric power plant “Prvonek” on the Banjstica River, which is in the vicinity of Vranjska Spa, or more precisely on the accumulation system for supplying Vranje and Bujanovac with water, is to begin. The “Prvonek” hydroelectric power plant is going to be the first hydroelectric power plant in the system of 18 mini hydroelectric power plants of the Electric Power Industry of Serbia, which are going to be built over the next few years with the funds of the European Bank and Electric Power Industry of Serbia.  .

The Electric Power Industry of Serbia said that 1.4 million euro would be invested in the development of two 100 and 800 kilowatt electrical generating units. Upon completion of the construction works this September, “Prvonek” will be generating from 2.5 to three million kilowatt hours per annum, which will be sufficient for the needs of 250 to 500 households.   

The Electric Power Industry of Serbia decided to entrust the manufacturing and installation of the equipment for the hydroelectric power plant “Prvonek” to ATB “Sever” from Subotica and to the Slovenian “Andina Hydropower Engineering” Company. The Electric Power Industry of Serbia stated that the works on the hydroelectric power plant “Prvonek” should be completed by the end of this September.