President of the Republic of Serbia  -
National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia  -
Government of the Republic of Serbia  -
Autonomous Province of Vojvodina -
Army of the Republic of Serbia -
National Bank of Serbia -


Municipality of Bujanovac - 
Municipality of Medvedja -
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Ministries and Offices:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia -                   
Ministry of Defense - 
Ministry of Interior - 
Ministry of Finance - 
Ministry of Justice and Public Administration - 
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management
Ministry of Economy  - 
Ministry of Energy, Development and the Environment -
Ministry of Regional Development and Local Self-government - 
Ministry of Natural Resources, Mining and Spatial Planning
Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development -
Ministry of Youth and Sports - 
Ministry of Culture and Information -
Ministry of Health -
Ministry of Transport
Ministry of Construction and Urban Planning -
Ministry of Foreign and Internal Trade and Telecommunications
Ministry of Labor and Social Policy -
Office of Human and Minority Rights -
Office for European Integration -
Office for Sustainable Development of Underdeveloped Regions -


Republican Geodetic Authority -
Republican Authority for Information Technology and the Internet -
Republican Fund for Health Insurance  -
Republican Development Authority -
Republican Institute for Statistics -
Republican Seismological Office -
Republic Hydrometeorological Service of Serbia  -


Privatization Agency -
Business Registers Agency -
National Agency for Regional Development -
Foreign Investments and Export Promotion Agency  -
Energy Efficiency Agency -
Republican Broadcasting Agency  -
Republic Agency for Electronic Communication -


Tax Administration -
Customs Administration -
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Constitutional Court of the Republic of Serbia  - 
Supreme Court of Cassation of the Republic of Serbia  -  
Commercial Court in Belgrade - 
Administrative Court in Belgrade - 
First Basic Court in Belgrade  -
Appellate Court in Belgrade -
War Crimes Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Serbia -  
Basic Court in Nis
High Court in Nis  -
Commercial Court in Nis  -
Magistrates Court in Nis -
Basic Court in Leskovac -
High Court in Leskovac  -
Basic Court in Vranje -
High Court in Vranje  -

International Organizations:

High Commissioner on National Minorities -
European Union Delegation to the Republic of Serbia -
Embassy of the United States of America -
Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany -
British Embassy  -
Office of the Spark Organization  -
European Partnership with Municipalities EU Progress Program  -
OSCE Mission to Serbia - 
UNDP Serbia - 
Council of Europe - 


Vranje Press Agency -
Jugpress. -
Internet web portal -
Southern News
Internet web portal -
Tanjug -
Beta -
Vranje newspaper -


Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia -
Archives of Serbia  -
Commissioner for Refugees and Immigration -
Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection -
Republican Electoral Commission -
Republican Committee for Resolving Conflicts of Interest -                    
Development Fund of the Republic of Serbia -                                        
Register of National Internet Domain of Serbia -
Serbian Chamber of Commerce -
Fund for Development - 
University of Novi Sad -
Faculty of Economics in Subotica -
Albanian National Council -
Local Economic Development Office in Bujanovac–
Local Economic Development Office in Medvedja -
Local Economic Development Office in Presevo -