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31. March 2021.

Presevo, Bujanovac, Меdvedja – The Office of the Minister in charge of the Development of Underdeveloped Municipalities, Novica Toncev, issued a Public Call for the Support Program for Improving the Development of Underdeveloped Municipalities.

"Representatives of my office and I worked hard on that in order to make it possible for everything to be implemented as soon as possible," Minister Toncev said.

As he said, the Support Program for Improving the Development of Underdeveloped Municipalities was one of the basic goals of the Government of the Republic of Serbia in order to encourage local and regional development throughout Serbia by means of systemic support and enable faster development of underdeveloped municipalities.

“I would like to invite municipalities from the group of the fourth level of development to apply for their projects in order to receive the financial support they need for the rapid and efficient implementation of the new and completion of some old plans and endeavors. My office is at their disposal for any kind of help and support when applying.  The priority is a better life for all the citizens and motivating the young to continue living and working in the place where they were born, and this is the initial step towards achieving that goal, "Minister Toncev said.  

The programs are aimed at "capacity building in the field of project and technical documentation, planning documentation, planning documents, construction and reconstruction of infrastructure facilities of importance for underdeveloped municipalities and equipping facilities owned by local self-governments".

Funds in the amount of 70 million dinars are envisioned for Program 1, and 249.8 million dinars for Program 2.

The application deadline is twenty days from the issuing of the call, while the deadline for submitting the documentation is April 15.

Source: Bujanovac News and Coordination Body