The municipality of Presevo belongs to Pcinj District and it covers an area of ​​264km2. It is situated near the border with Macedonia and the international E-10 corridor, which connects Belgrade, Skopje, Thessaloniki and Athens. In addition to the urban core, which is a community center, the municipality includes 35 settlements.

There are two stories about the origin of the name of the place.   According to some people, the term Presevo consists of two words: Pres - meaning “leek” and Eve – meaning “meadow” in Latin, which would finally mean the field for growing leeks. Others argue that the Presevo toponym comes from the Hungarian word for wild mulberry. Neither of the two allegations has been confirmed.

The Office for Local Economic Development was opened in the municipality of Presevo for the purpose of reducing poverty and increasing the number of employees. The main activity of the said office is to create a favorable environment for investments and for the economic recovery and strengthening of the economically devastated municipality. One of the long-term priorities of the local self-government is the construction of the industrial zone.  

The municipality has a great potential for the development of rural, hunting and transit tourism.  The construction of Corridor 10 will have an important impact on the development of tourism. 

There is one pre-school institution in Presevo, including its several departments in the surrounding villages, as well as eight elementary schools and two secondary schools.  Teaching in the Albanian language is conducted in six elementary schools, while teaching in the Serbian language is conducted in one elementary school. At “The 9th. of May” elementary school, which is situated in the village of Reljane and attended by students from both communities, the teaching is carried out in both languages. There are two secondary schools in the municipality of Presevo  -  a grammar school  and a secondary technical school.

The cultural life of Presevo is mainly linked to the events taking place at the cultural center "Abdul Krasnica". Since June 1992, a festival of the Albanian cultural accomplishments (folklore, drama, poetry and prose) has been organized every year. Located in the building of the Cultural Center are a library, a cinema, the offices of civic associations and TV Presevo. 

There are several non-governmental organizations in the municipality, the activities of which have an influence on the political, economic and cultural life of the citizens. The non-governmental organizations in Presevo are perceived as the greatest potential of human resources.  The persons engaged in them are assessed to be educated, knowledgeable, skillful, enthusiastic, flexible in their work, having a critical spirit, innovative and able to respond quickly to the problems identified in society. 

An important project of the municipality is the construction of an out-patient maternity hospital, where women from the area will be delivering their children. In 2014, the municipality will get a modern building, fitted out with the latest equipment, where new generations of children will be born.


Web site of the municipality of Presevo:

The Strategic Plan of the Municipality of Preševo Download the document (available in Serbian only)

The Presentation on Economic Potentials of the Municipality of Preševo, which is entitled „For a Better Future“