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31. March 2021.

Меdvedja It can be concluded from the official statistics on net earnings in January this year that it is more profitable to live in Medvedja or Crna Trava than in Leskovac, because salaries in those two economically underdeveloped municipalities were higher than those in the town on the Veternica River, where around 10, 000 people are employed in factories alone.

Salaries in January were lower in almost all cities and municipalities in Serbia than in December last year, while in the Jablanica district they were higher only in the two above-mentioned municipalities.

The average net salary in Serbia is in January 2021 was 63, 108 dinars, 5.3 percent less than a month earlier.

The average net salary In the municipality of Medvedja in January 2021 was 55, 143 dinars, 1.4 percent more than a month earlier, and 49, 968 dinars in Crna Trava, 0.7 more than in December 2020.

That salary amounted to 49, 488 dinars in the area of ​​the town of Leskovac, which is 3.1 percent less than the previous month.

When it comes to Medvedja, it is known-known that the salaries of miners in the "Lece" mine increase the average, while things are unclear when it comes to Crna Trava, since most employees work in the local self-government that has a modest budget.  

By the way, the Jablanica district is still at the infamous bottom of the list in tems of salaries, as well as the city of Leskovac, which is its economic and administrative center.  

Source: Jugmedia and Coordination Body