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29. August 2018.

Medvedja – The village of Gazdare is, in terms of population, the largest one in the municipality of Medvedja, since around 500 people live in it. Young people do not leave the village.    A few families with more than four children live there. The construction of a new church started in the village, which has good infrastructure, while there is also the plan is to establish a cooperative.

The village of Gazdare, where there are 400 houses, is located halfway between Medvedja and the "Lece" mine. There are 13 students in the new and nice-looking school. Two first graders will start attending it in September, while there will be five first graders next year.   People say that they can live well from working in the fields and in the gold, lead and zinc mine. 

“We have all the conditions for living, providing there is work for us. Those who work can earn for their living, "says Golubica Marinkovic from Gazdare.

They grow raspberries near the Jablanica River. Plums, apples and pears are planted on the hills. This is a good year for fruit.  Gazdare once had the largest cooperative in Gornja Jablanica. After three decades, the cooperative center will be completely renovated.

“So that we could, with the municipality’s assistance, set up mini-cooperatives and have our own walk-in refrigerator in the village,” said Nebojsa Kovinic, the Head of the Council of the local community of Gazdare.  

There are two spas near Gazdare, which is ideal for the development of tourism.   

"We work a lot on the employment of young people through public works and professional training. Also, we are about to open two factories, "says Nebojsa Arsic, the Mayor of Medvedja.  

One can see and feel that things have improved in the village of Gazdare, from which young people do not go, while there are more and more of those who return to their roots.    

Source: Serbian Broadcasting Corporation and Coordination Body