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15. April 2019.

Medvedja – Yesterday, students of the fourth grade of the”Josif Kostić” elementary school from Leskovac once again demonstrated their humanity by performing another theater play called "Nemutšti jezik" in a full room of the Cultural Center in Medvedja, while the proceeds from the sold tickets would be paid in the account of their companion who needed financial assistance and  to whom they wanted to show how much she meant to them.  

Their companion is materially endangered. She lives with her grandmother, who is her guardian, in the house from which she is threatened to be evicted. She has problems with her vision, but despite it all, her friends say that she is an excellent student, a participant in extracurricular activities and a municipal poem reciter.  

They launched that activity a week earlier, by having performed the play at the Cultural Center in Leskovac. It was then that they had the idea of doing, together with the Parents Club of the Josif Kostić school and Dragica Antanasijević, their teacher, the very same thing in Medvedja, but also of using the day for an excursion and getting to know Sijarinska Spa.  

The boys and girls visited the “Gornja Jablanica” primary school in Medvedja, where they had the opportunity to meet and socialize with their peers from the Serbian and Albanian classes and to attend a class held for both Serbian and Albanian children. The boys played a friendly game in football, while the girls played the children's game “Lanci i katanci”. In the end, everyone exchanged creative gifts with each other.

They had an interesting gathering with one-stringed fiddle players, from whom they learned how that folk instrument was made, for which they showed great interest.  

Then, the Tourist Organization of Medvedja familiarized them with the natural resources of Sijarinska Spa, so that they had the opportunity to see how their theoretical knowledge, which they had gained while participating in the international project on "Renewable Energy Sources", was used in practice.  

Thanks to the cooperation with the Medvedja Cultural Center, “Gornja Jablanica” elementary school and the Tourist Organization, and owing to the assistance provided by the Parents' Club and teacher Dragica Antanasijevic, the kids spent yesterday’s day with their friend wonderfully, during which they learned new things, socialized with each other and laughed.   

Source: Jugmedia and Coordination Body