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16. December 2013.

The Office of Human and Minority Rights organized a workshop entitled the "Fundamentals of the EU Integration" in the EU Info Centre, which is located in the Youth Center’s club. The EU’s Info Centre is a place where people can learn about the European Union, its institutions and the relations between the EU and Serbia.

The workshop was organized for interns of the internship program for members of minority communities in the institutions of the Republic of  Serbia, which has been organized by the Office of Human and Minority Rights for four years.  

For the purpose of improving the general knowledge about the European Union, Marina Rakic, a lecturer at the EU Info Centre, talked with the interns about the EU history, the EU institutions, the EU enlargement and the negotiations between the EU and the Republic of Serbia. As part of the last topic, the interns had the opportunity to become more familiar with the issues of freedom of movement of goods and freedom of movement for workers, to learn about the issues of justice and those of the citizens’ civil rights, freedom and security.

One part of the lecture was devoted to the prospects that will be open to the Republic of Serbia once it joins the European Union. The interns gained an insight into the IPA (Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance) that is available to everyone in the Republic of Serbia.

For us, the interns, the most interesting part of the lecture was the one related to the protection of human and minority rights and anti-discrimination standards of the EU.

The workshop was very helpful to me because I had the chance and the opportunity to learn many new things about the relations between the European Union and our country.

By Arbnora Ljimani

Intern at the Coordination Body’s Office in Belgrade