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30. August 2016.

Medvedja - The tourist season in Sijarinska Spa is still in a full swing.  The well-known spa resort in the Upper Jablanica region is daily visited by many swimmers, who try to rescue themselves from the summer heat at one of the spa pools.

"There are 267 beds at the spa’s special hospital for rehabilitation" Geyser ", and there are 700 more beds at private accommodation facilities, while the occupancy rate is about 80%," said Dragan Denic, the Head of the Tourist Information Center in Sijarinska Spa.

He points out that the prices in Sijarinska Spa are pretty reasonable, so that full board, which includes three meals, at the "Geyser" special hospital amounts to 2,800 dinars. The price includes the spa therapy and rehabilitation, with the exception of manual massage. All visitors to Sijarinska Spa can use vouchers for subsidized accommodation at the "Geyser" special hospital, which are issued by the Ministry of Trade and Tourism of the Government of the Republic of Serbia. The requirements for using the vouchers is that one’s personal income doesn’t exceed 60,000 dinars and that one’s stay at the recreation center is at least 5 days’ long.

The private accommodation prices range from 400 to 600 dinars per bed, depending on the category of accommodation. Most rooms in private accommodation have their own bathrooms, TV sets and access to the Internet.

As Mr. Denic says, every year, tourist agents in Sijarinska Spa try to further enrich the offer in order to attract more demanding visitors.

“We mostly work on the promotion of Sijarinska Spa by organizing various cultural and entertainment events," Mr. Denic said. 

Visitors come from all over the country, but also from Macedonia and Republika Srpska. Traditionally, the most loyal visitors of the spa are those from Vojvodina. There are 26 springs of mineral water in Sijarinska Spa, as well as the geyser, which is the best-known one in Europe. There is also a yellow pool, which dates back to Roman times. Its dimensions are identical to those of the Roman thermal baths, and it is believed that the ancient Romans used Sijarinska Spa for medical treatment and rest.

People from the spa invite visitors to come to that tourist center at least for a day or over the weekend to recreate or bathe in one of the pools and thus recharge their batteries for the fast pace of living in urban areas.

Source: Info Centre South and Coordination Body