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26. January 2015.

Vranje - During a tour of the “Prvonek” dam, Minister Ilic said that the most difficult situation was in Vladicin Han, where landslides were reactivated and where a large number of houses were threatened.

The minister promised the government’s assistance in repairing the damage caused by flooding of the rivers and streams.

“I can tell from what I saw during the tour of Pcinj District that damages caused to the road infrastructure are large.  A lot of damage has also been caused to the bridges and private buildings throughout the district. However, the most critical situation is in Vladicin Han where landslides emerged, so that we’ll need to put in a lot of effort and resources to fix them.  Also , the road that leads from Vranje Spa to the dam is in a in a deplorable condition”, Minister Ilic said.

He also said that the Ministry of Emergency Situations would work preventively in the coming period, so that such situations wouldn’t occur during high rainfall and snowmelt.

“Something like this can’t wait. On the contrary, everything should be done to prevent the flooding of rivers and tributaries.  Therefore, prevention is very important and it costs much less than the damage caused in such situations.  I will prepare a report for the Government and will do everything possible to help South Serbia repair the consequences of the floods”, said Minister Ilic.

Prior to doing a tour of the “Prvonek” dam, he held a meeting with the Mayor of Vranje, the Governor of Pcinj district and the President of the urban municipality of Vranje Spa.

Also, Minister Ilic attended the meeting of the city’s staff for emergency situations, where it was assessed that the overall flood situation in Pcinj district was under control.

Source: OK Radio and Coordination Body