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30. May 2018.

Bujanovac, Presevo- The vaccination against measles started at the reception centers in Vranje and Bujanovac. 28 children were vaccinated in Vranje, and 25 in Bujanovac. The vaccinated children include those up to two years old and preschoolers. 

There are currently 130 migrants at the Reception Center in Vranje, who are mostly family men and women with children. In the previous period, school children were vaccinated against measles. There is an epidemic going on in six of the seven municipalities of the Pcinj district, while the number of infected persons has stagnated since the beginning of the week. According to the Institute of Public Health, 606 people from the Pcinj district were affected by smallpox in the period from October until now. There are no migrants suffering from smallpox at the reception centers. There are healthcare facilities at all reception centers and medical teams were deployed. Ivana Nikolic, a doctor at the Reception Center’s healthcare facility, says that the response was satisfactory and that everyone was duly informed and very interested.

"They started coming to the healthcare facility early in the morning in order to find out if the teams that should vaccinate their children had arrived,” Dr. Nikolic said.

Children from the Reception Centers in Presevo and Bosilegrad will be vaccinated on the last day of May. 

The immunization was organized by the Ministry of Health, with the support of the Institute of Public Health of Serbia "Dr Milan Jovanovic Batut". The vaccines were donated by “Doctors Without Borders”.

Source: Serbian Broadcasting Corporation and Coordination Body