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21. July 2016.

Bujanovac, Presevo – Following the completion of the enrolment period for the future secondary school students, 430 vacancies remained in Pcinj district. 

There are 98 vacancies in Bujanovac. At the "Sezai Suroi" secondary school, which is attended by Albanian children, there are vacancies for 13 future car mechanics, 14 locksmiths, 13 shop-assistants and 12 mechanical technicians for computer engineering. At the “Saint Sava” secondary school, at which instruction is in the Serbian language, there are vacancies for 9 cooks and confectioners each, 17 mechanical technicians for motor vehicles and 20 sales agents.

There are 107 vacancies in Presevo. At the "Skenderbeg" grammar school, there are 27 vacancies for those wishing to receive general type of education.  At the Department for Road Traffic Technicians of the “Presevo” secondary technical school in Presevo, there are 23 vacancies, of which 5 for car mechanics, 11 for welders , 9 for  grid and system electricians and 32 for computer engineering technicians.

Source: Jugpress, Bujanovac News and Coordination Body