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30. October 2017.

Presevo, Vranje – A training course in woodworking for a group of migrants begins today at the Reception Center in Presevo. 

Gordana Dimitrijevic, the Head of the Adult Education Center in Vranje, says that the project is implemented on the basis of a contract concluded between that public institution and the “Care” office in Belgrade, the partner of which if the “Nexus” NGO.

“The aim of the project and the training course is to provide assistance to refugees and migrants in terms of helping them acquire informal education and obtaining accredited certificates, so that their situation could be improved and they could have the opportunity to find a job in the field of woodworking,”Ms. Dimitrijevic said.  

The training is organized at the workshop that was set up for the project by representatives of the “Care” office from Belgrade. 

Source: Vranje News and Coordination Body