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21. August 2012.

The NGO "Porecje" from Vucje, with the financial support of “Caritas” from Luxembourg, initiated the “Support of Waste Collectors in South Serbia “project.
The aim of the project is to improve the lives of marginalized people in South Serbia. It will be implemented until the first quarter of 2013 through the empowerment and support of 40 waste collectors.

The project supports the employment of Roma through programs for waste collectors of waste and it provides technical and financial support to 20 waste collectors, said Zoran Zivkovic, a representative of the NGO "Porecje".

As part of the project, 40 beneficiaries will be selected in cooperation with the Centre for Social Work and the Roma Office for the Protection and Exercising of Individual and Collective Rights of Roma in Vranje.

This will be followed by the training of 40 waste collectors, which will be organized at the organization’s environmental camp.
“The training beneficiaries will undergo two types of training, which include the training for application for grants and the training relating to the qualification of wastes and their safe management," said Mr. Zivkovic.

The NGO "Porecje" will organize meetings with the local authorities, public utility companies and firms engaged in purchasing of wastes and their recycling, said Mr. Zivkovic.