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Tobacco Industry of Bujanovac (TIB) Begins to Buy Up Tobacco

10. November 2011.

Bujanovac, Presevo – Tobacco- growers from the area of Presevo and Bujanovac will begin the handover of this year’s tobacco harvest in a few days’ time. As in the previous years, tobacco will, this year, too, be bought up and processed by the Tobacco Industry of Bujanovac (TIB), which does this on behalf of the US “Alliance One Tobacco” Company, which arranged the cooperation. TIB teams will provide appropriate services to the expert committees of the above-mentioned company that are in charge of buying up and evaluating the quality of the taken over tobacco. There will be two tobacco collection points, one in Bujanovac and Presevo each.

The responsible people at the TIB confirmed that everything was ready for the buy up. It is estimated that this year’s tobacco harvest in the area of Bujanovac and Presevo will result in around 300 tons of tobacco. The small-leafed oriental sorts of this industrial plant were grown here, primarily “prilep” and “jaka”. Most tobacco will arrive from the area of Veliki Trnovac, which is a village near Bujanovac, where the largest tobacco-growers are located.  

Experts say that this year’s tobacco is excellent, as well as that the weather was suitable for its growth, so that it is expected that most tobacco will be of top-quality. That is why the tobacco- growers may expect to have decent earnings.  Purchase prices are known, as they were set at the beginning of the year, when tobacco production was being arranged.  Tobacco – growers in the municipality of Bujanovac expect to get bonuses from the local self-government, which has been encouraging tobacco production over the past few years by giving special bonuses from the municipality’s budget. These bonuses are usually paid before a calendar year ends.