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25. October 2016.

Bujanovac – “There is no bluetongue disease, which attacks sheep, goats and cattle and which is mainly transmitted by mosquitoes, in the area of the Pcinj district,” said Miodrag Milkovic, Director of the Veterinary Station in Bujanovac, whose sphere of responsibilities, apart from the municipality of Bujanovac, includes the municipality of Presevo, too.

The said infectious disease can’t be transmitted to humans, while it re-emerged in Serbia in 2014, after a twelve-year break.  The most recent cases of the disease were diagnosed in the Zlatibor district about ten days ago.

“24 seats of the bluetongue disease have been registered in the territory of the Republic of Serbia. The disease emerged in the places where no vaccination had been carried out. That is the safest prevention measure against the spread of infection, "Mr. Milkovic said.  

Since immunization was done timely in all parts of the Serbian border with Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Montenegro, vaccination, according to Mr. Milkovic, was performed in the peripheral parts of the Pcinj district, too.

Source: Bujanovac News and Coordination Body