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31. August 2020.

Bujanovac - The bit of news on how the residents of Bujanovac will finally get a normal pavement cheered them up, but also caused their concern that it would also be turned into a parking lot.

This is evidenced by numerous comments on the news about the reconstruction of the pavement in the main street of Bujanovac, which is 2,005 meters long. According to the authorities, the works that started on Thursday should last for 90 days.

The citizens remind us of the fact that pedestrians can barely move from parked vehicles.

That is what happened with the left side of the pavement that runs from the entrance to the city to the city center. The protective poles, the purpose of which is to prevent parking, were removed and the paved pavement was turned into a parking lot. Although there is a sign prohibiting parking at every intersection, it is simply not complied with and fined.

At the moment, the old pavement is being removed from the entrance to the city towards the center. The value of the works is close to 14 million dinars, while the contractor is the Saba Belca company.

Source: Bujanovac News and Coordination Body