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14. September 2018.

Presevo, Bujanovac, Medvedja – The Ministry of Education envisaged penalties for the students who do not respect discipline.

If children refuse to work, parents will be punished. Bringing drugs or alcohol to school, the use of cigarettes, the "smuggling" of weapons of firecrackers to the class, the endangering of one’s own safety and the safety of students and teachers are the offenses for which students will, in addition to being warned or reprimanded, get mandatory community service in the future.  

“If a student refuses to participate in it ", as the Ministry of Education confirmed for the  “Novosti" daily, the parent will be held responsible. The Law on Primary Education stipulates the responsibility of parents to actively participate in all forms of educational work with students. If a parent fails to do so, the school submits a request for initiating criminal proceedings or criminal charges to determine the responsibility of the parent, "the Ministry stated.

An entire range of possible duties is provided for skipping classes, the use of mobile phone in the middle of classes, copying, correcting school marks or the destruction or theft of school property. Students will assist in the tidying up of classrooms, libraries, extended stay premises, dining rooms, in the rearrangement of school desks, clearing of snow or leaves, cultivating flowers or painting the fence, in the preparation of school newspapers or presentations. They will also carry the school bags of the friends that have hurt. If a child receives a warning, he/she will do community service twice a week for the period of two weeks, if he/she is reprimanded by the class teacher, twice a week for the period of three weeks. If he/she is reprimanded by the class council, he/she will do community work nine times per month, is he/she is rebuked by the school principle, 12 times per month and by the Teachers Council, 16 times a month. Community work can last from 15 to 45 minutes. 

Source: “Vecernje novosti” daily and Coordination Body