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The European Union Supports the European Partnership with Municipalities Program (Progress) with 14.1 million euros, the Swiss Government with 2.5 million euros, while the Share of the Government of the Republic of Serbia in it is 1.5 million euros

28. July 2011.

BOSILEGRAD - The largest portion of the funds, which amounts to 480,000 euros, will be invested in construction of the local infrastructure in Leskovac’s Green Zone. Thanks to the investments made by the city of Leskovac, the Ministry of Environment, Mining and Spatial Planning and other partners, the conditions for making new investments will be provided, which should ensure the opening of new working places and improve the conditions for the marketing of regional agricultural produce.   

Also, the European Partnership with Municipalities Program is going to purchase the equipment for improving the operation of nine municipal service centers and  town planning directorates in Leskovac, Vranje and Novi Pazar, as well as preparation of 12 town planning schemes and technical documentation for 20 local infrastructural projects.
Ognjen Miric, Deputy Director of the Office for European Integration of the Republic of Serbia said: “The results that the European Partnership with Municipalities Program achieved in the first year are impressive. The overall funds for the projects are around seven million euros. However, there are some problems with the delayed implementation of the approved projects and we should all try to solve them.”  

The most important results of the program also include the approved funding of 21 municipal infrastructural projects, the value of which is 1.8 million euros. Thanks to the implementation of those projects, the population of the region will gain a better access to healthcare services, will have better conditions for education, a top-quality heating and more cultural events in their environments.   

Also important are non-refundable resources for 40 projects, which were conceived in partnership with civil society organizations and local self-governments with the aim of contributing to changes for the better in the local communities. Most projects seek to improve the position of young people and marginalized social groups.   
The European Partnership with Municipalities Program also supported the preparation of 12 town planning schemes, which are envisaged by the Law on Town Planning and Construction, which are a key precondition for new investments.

In an effort to bring about an important change, the Progress Program took the activities for providing support to the local self-governments, so that they could comply with the basic principles of good management, which include responsibility, transparency of the operation, participation, respect for the rights and efficiency.
The Progress Program is implemented in 25 southern and south-western Serbian municipalities, with the aim of providing support to socio-economic development of those municipalities.