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22. October 2018.

Presevo, Bujanovac, Medvedja - The EU PRO development program issued a public call for project proposals for the introduction and development of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). The call, for which the European Union (EU) put aside 1.2 million euros, is open until  December 30, 2018, while eligible to apply are 99 local self-governments from the region of Sumadija and Western Serbia, as well as Southern and Eastern Serbia, which are involved in the implementation of the EU PRO program.  

The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) will make it possible for local self-governments to collect in one place, process and manage spatial data by using modern computer technology and to better plan their development and resources, but also get the potential investors interested in them.  

"The introduction of the Geographical Information Systems will enhance the work of the local self- governments, since networked institutions and a unified database enable the efficient provision of services to the citizens, investors and all other users, and it will also contribute to a better management of land and the assessment of the socio-economic potential of the cities and municipalities," Graeme Tyndall, the EU PRO Program Manager, said.   

The European Union will, through the EU PRO program, support the local self-governments in the implementation and development of GIS through the purchase of software and hardware, as well as the necessary computer equipment, while the training of local administration employees   will form an important part of the training. the institutional framework and procedures for the operation of GIS. The institutional framework and procedures for the operation of GIS will be specified during the implementation of the projects and cooperation of the relevant institutions at the local and republican levels, which deal with spatial data, will be established.   

The maximum amount of funds that may be granted to an individual project is 100,000 euros, while in the event that two or more municipalities competing with partner projects, the maximum amount is 150,000 euros. Local self-governments must also ensure the financial contribution of at least 15 percent of the total project value. 

In order to bring the requirements of the call and the manner of applying closer to the applicants, the EU PRO will, in the period from November 12 to December 7, 2018, hold information sessions and training courses for all interested local self-government, while the information on the time and venue of the info sessions will be subsequently published on the website of the EU PRO program, where the documentation necessary for applying is also available – Public Invitations.

Source: Jugpress and Coordination Body