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20. September 2019.

The European Investment Bank (EIB) is ready to support and finance projects under the new investment cycle in Serbia, which is, according to the current estimates, worth around 12 billion euros. The EIB is not afraid of big figures, according to Dubravka Negre, Director of the European Investment Bank's Regional Office for the Western Balkans.

The new projects and lending of this bank in the coming period could also be related to the tourism sector in Serbia.

The bank is ready, Ms. Negre says for the Tanjug news agency, to listen to the state regarding all the projects. She particularly pointed to the discussions with the authorities regarding financing the development of railway infrastructure, state and local roads, digitization in education etc.  

 “We are the largest international financial institution in the world. Our annual activities are worth around 60 billion euros. There is no major project in Europe and beyond that has not been realized without our assistance, so we are here to listen and help, "Ms. Negre says. 

She points out that bank payments for the existing projects in our country are going well and reminds that the agreement on financing the construction of the Nis-Merdare highway was recently signed. Ms. Negre estimates that this is a project that will contribute to the economic development of that part of Serbia. 

In addition to 100 million euros from the EIB loan for this section of the highway, the agreement on a 40 million euro grant was signed, too. In order for the projects to be realized in the field at all, they need to be well prepared, Ms. Negre points out.

“So far this year, we have signed agreements on over 50 million grants in Serbia just for investments and for the preparation of projects, so that they could be realized on a good basis. "

When it comes to the upcoming projects, the bank's money will be invested in road infrastructure, as well as in water supply, sewerage and local infrastructure. 

Another 50 million euros will be used for the construction and reconstruction of municipal water and sewerage networks, as well as 10 million euros in grants that will be used for the same purpose. Another 22 million euros will be earmarked for local self-governments, so that kindergartens, schools, health centers and local roads could be fixed and constructed.   

Source: “Tanjug” news agency, “Blic” daily, Business Morning and Coordination Body