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17. March 2021.

Bujanovac, Presevo, Меdvedja - As of last night at 8 pm, or at 9 pm, all catering facilities (cafes, restaurants, bars), shopping malls, all shops (except for grocery stores), cinemas, museums, galleries, beauty and hairdressing salons, beauty salons, betting agencies, casinos, children's playrooms, gyms, exercise rooms, fitness centers, swimming pools, sports balloons etc. are closed.

It is important to emphasize that the closure measures do not apply to companies, factories and their internal organization of work and business activities, the Government of Serbia stated.

Also, all counters of the state administration, post offices, banks, insurance companies, exchange offices will be open during normal working hours, the Office for Cooperation with the Media of the Government of Serbia said.

The facilities to which this work restriction does not apply in the coming days and which are allowed to operate over the weekend too are as follows: 

• Pharmacies, surgeries, laboratories, dental and veterinary surgeries, veterinary pharmacies.

• Stores selling food products, markets, green markets, animal feed stores, pet shops…

• Independent retail facilities where shopping is done without entering the facility - kiosks and newsagents.

• Facilities and shops that provide services that do not require long-term presence of users of services and in which the contact is of limited duration, such as shoemakers, glass cutters, tailors, carpentry shops, tire salons, technical inspections, car washes, dry cleaning facilities…

• Gas stations that are engaged in fuel sales activities.

• Restaurants and bars within hotels and other categorized accommodation facilities exclusively for the guests who have a registered stay in those hotels.

• Sports facilities for the preparation and holding of registered competitions within the competent national sports federations.

The competent authorities, inspection services and municipal police will strictly control the observance of epidemic measures in the coming days, while the Government of Serbia once again calls for compliance with all epidemic measures and appeals to the personal responsibility of all the citizens.

Vaccination against the COVID 19 infectious disease shall take place without interruption in the coming days and in accordance with a predetermined plan, so that the new measures do not, in any way, endanger the immunization process.

Source: “Beta” news agency, B92, Bujanovac News and Coordination Body