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30. December 2020.

Presevo  - "Court days" will be held in the building of the former court in Presevo from January 3, 2021, which Sciprim Arifi, the Head of the Provisional Authority of the municipality of Presevo, interpreted as the return of the Basic Court to the municipality.

Mr. Arifi announced the news about the "return of the Basic Court to Presevo after a decade", referring to the decision of the Basic Court in Bujanovac of November 23.

The decision states that as of January 3, 2021, court days will be held on Tuesdays and Fridays on the court premises in Presevo, or "litigation and non-litigation proceedings would be conducted when requested by a party to the proceedings, provided that both parties have a residence in the municipality of Presevo, and if the court deems that it is suitable and contributes to more economical and efficient conduct of the proceedings".

Mr. Arifi, announcing the decision that is more than a month old, stated that "the Court is returning as promised".

"Following a difficult challenge and endless bureaucracy, after a decade, we managed to return the Basic Court to Presevo," Mr. Arifi said.

The Basic Court in Presevo was abolished in 2010 by a decision of the Ministry of Justice, while the residents of Presevo come to the Bujanovac court for justice.

Source: Bujanovac News and Coordination Body