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30. December 2020.

Bujanovac - The budget of the municipality of Bujanovac for the next year, which was adopted by the Assembly yesterday, amounts to 1.29 billion dinars, and according to  the President of the Municipality, Nagip Arifi, compared to this year, there would be more money.  

177 million dinars are planned for infrastructure projects, of which the municipality provides slightly more than 90 million, while the rest is provided by the Coordination Body for the Municipalities of Presevo, Bujanovac and Medvedja and other financiers.

"Farmers will be supported with 22.5 million dinars, while we planned 14 million dinars to help entrepreneurs," Mr. Arifi said at the Assembly session.

He emphasized that the municipality of Bujanovac was in the best in the Pcinj district in terms of allocations for education.  

The budget envisages 74.5 million dinars for the functioning of primary schools, as well as 26.8 million dinars for two secondary schools.

“We are also planning 235 million dinars for the reconstruction of the elementary school "Branko Radičević" in Bujanovac, as well as 9 million dinars for works on the school in the village of Konculj, "he said.

The budget also envisages 18 million dinars for internship, as well as the funds for one-off financial assistance to students.

7 million dinars will be distributed to sports clubs, 5.5 million to the media, while 2 million dinars will be spent on culture, as much as the citizens' associations will receive.

Of the total amount of the budget, 938 million are   Bujanovac’s own revenues, while the transferred funds from the central level are planned in the amount of 359 million.

Three members of the Alternative for Change did not vote for the budget, because their proposal to reduce the amount for infrastructure projects by 80 million dinars was not adopted, and to use that money to help the population and companies that suffered the greatest damage by the corona virus pandemic.

However, 22 votes of members of the Democratic Party (DP), the Party for Democratic Action (PDD) and the Movement for Democratic Progress (PDP) were sufficent to adopt the budget, while the 23 rd. vote was given by Adem Salihi, a member of the Roma party "Jedinstvo".

Source: Bujanovac News and Coordination Body