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30. July 2020.

Novi Sad - Provincial Secretary of Health Zoran Gojković stated that a special IT group, which is part of the Crisis Staff, is working on the development of an application that would help with monitoring those infected with the corona virus, as well as their contacts. The application is already available in some countries.

“A large number of countries have already developed the application, while some have put it into trial operation and some are waiting for a favorable moment. We have a special IT group that is working on improving the software related to everyday data, as well as on the development of the application, and the general public will be soon informed about the application, Provincial Secretary of Health Gojković said.

He also said that all trends were being followed, and that the applications had shown very good results in the countries of East and Southeast Asia. 

Mr. Gojkovic also said that a large number of patients who had died from the coronavirus were obese, as well as those who, as a result of bring ovrwight, had diabetes.

He underscored that the authorities had been working on raising the awareness of the citizens on the adoption of healthy lifestyles for years.

“We will continue working on it. Education and sports associations must be included in all this. I hope that it will be a positive thing in this misfortune, that we will all focus on our physical activities, "Mr. Gojkovic said.

Source: RTV and Coordination Body