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28. October 2015.

The “TechSoup Balkans” organization announced a software donation program for non-governmental organizations, while the donors include Microsoft, Symantec, Bit Defender and Google. The program is run by the Mosaic Foundation from Sarajevo, in cooperation with “TechSoup Global”, whose partner in Serbia is Track Foundation.

The organizations legally registered in Serbia and the region may apply for the software donation program. 

All organizations in the region covered by “TechSoup Balkans” (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia and Serbia) may apply for the program, and if their activities are supported by donor partners, they may gain access to the available software.

Note: The organizations whose requests for donations are approved are required to pay one-off administrative costs amounting to 4-8% of the market price of the selected product.

Application procedure:
1. Representatives of interested organizations may get registered at,  where they should first create their profile, and then fill in the on-line application for their organization;
2. In addition to the application form, you are obliged to submit the following documents: registration paper, tax identification number and the organization's statute or other document confirming your activities.

For any additional questions or information, please contact or visit: 

Source: Resource Center and Coordination Body