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24. February 2020.

With the aim of further enhancing cooperation with local self-governmental units, exchanging experience between local self-governmental units (LSUs) and local employment councils (LECs) on the process of preparation and implementation of local employment action plans (LEAP), as well as getting information on potential problems and obstacles they face, two regional meetings were held in Novi Sad and Kraljevo in January and February 2020. The meetings were organized in cooperation with the Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veterans' and Social Affairs (MLEVSA), the National Employment Office (NEO) and the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities (SCTM).

During the said regional meetings, participants - representatives of local self-governments, members of local employment councils and NEO affiliates - were presented with the National Employment Action Plan for 2020 (усвојен-национални-акциоби-план-запо -3/ ), which was adopted by the Government of the Republic of Serbia on December 26, 2019. Also, additional information was provided on active employment policy measures that could be funded in 2020 by pooling the funds identified in the National Employment Office's Financial Plan and those allocated in the budgets of local self-governmental units, with a view to a successful joint implementation of active employment policy measures that contribute to the advancement of the conditions on local labor market.   

In addition, the Analytical Service of Local Self-Governmental Units, which is on the website of the Republican Secretariat for Public Policy (RSPP), was presented, or the possibility of searching this database and obtaining relevant data that are important for public policy planning at the LSG level. 

At the two regional meetings, 150 representatives of LSUs, branches and the Directorate of the NEO, MLEVSA, other institutions and donors took part, while participants showed interest in the measures that would be co-financed, as well as the ones that local self-governments would implement independently with the Agreement on Technical Cooperation with the NEO.

Attendees were briefed on the news that the Planning System Act passed in the process of preparing the National Employment Action Plan for 2020. The question was raised whether it was necessary to hold a public discussion during the preparation of the LEAP, and information was provided that the MLEVSA did not receive an answer from the RSJP yet, but given the short deadlines, it would not be possible to be done that year.

The issue of the implementation of the trainee program in the public sector was raised and the problem of providing mentors in small communities, as well as for small employers who need trainees, was noted, but since they have a small number of employees, they cannot always provide mentors under the terms of the NEO public invitation. In response, it was pointed out that in the coming period an Analysis of the implementation of professional practice programs in the public and private sectors would be done, in order to compare the effectiveness of the programs depending on the sector in which any changes to the program are implemented.

Announced at the meetings was the adoption of an Employment Strategy for the period from 2021 to 2026, with a three-year National Employment Action Plan for the implementation of the strategy, and scheduled public discussions to be organized in the towns.

With the support of the SCTM, trainings will be provided for LEC members and employees in local administrations participating in the development of the LEAP in accordance with the needs of local players.

This activity was implemented as part of the project “Institutional Support for the SCTM - Phase Three”, which is supported by the Government of Switzerland. 

Download the presentations presented at the regional meetings:

NEO presentation - Measures of Active Employment Policy to be Co-Financed in 2020

MLEVSA presentation - National Employment Action Plan for 2020

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