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7. May 2020.

BelgradeLast night, the Parliament of the Republic of Serbia abolished the state of emergency, which was introduced on March 15 due to the epidemic of the corona virus.

155 MPs voted for the abolition of the state of emergency, while there were no MPs who voted against the decision.

The abolition of the state of emergency does not mean that we will return to the routine before March 15, because specific measures that were introduced in order to reduce the possibility of the spread of the corona virus shall remain in force. The curfew is abolished.  Gloves and masks will be mandatory in means of public transport, as well as in restaurants and cafes. Keeping a two-meter distance from one another shall remain in force, while contacts, such as hugs and handshakes, need to be avoided until further notice. Those over the age of 65 will be able to move whenever they want, but it is recommended that they continue to spend most of their time at home. Walking is allowed, but not in a group. Celebrations, such as weddings, baptisms and birthdays, will be allowed as of June 15.

Cinemas and theaters will not start operating until May 31. There will be no classes in the schools, only the school day care program will operate, so that the needs of the parents who have to work could be met. The faculties will open their doors only at the end of May or the beginning of June, but only for the students who are taking exams and who need to do laboratory exercises.

Up to 20 people will be allowed to gather outdoors and there will be no sporting events in front of the audience. Public transport has started operating in most cities, but only the employed will be allowed to get on the buses.

Eleven decrees related to the organization of work, some tax measures, the manner of borrowing and participation in criminal proceedings, which were in force during the state of emergency, were abolished.  

On May 11, the competent election commissions will reach the decisions on continuing the conduct of election activities.

Source: “Evening News” daily, “Danas” daily and Coordination Body