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18. September 2019.

The Employment Office of the Republic of Slovenia will organize employment fairs in Belgrade and Nis on September 19 and 26, where jobs will be offered by nearly 30 Slovenian employers.

That is the result of the Agreement reached between the Governments of Slovenia and Serbia on the employment of Serbian nationals in Slovenia, whose implementation started earlier this month, as well as of the Protocol on the implementation of that agreement.

The above-mentioned fairs will be an opportunity for jobseekers living in Serbia to meet with employers from Slovenia and thus connect directly.

The Belgrade Fair will be organized at the Sava Center from 12 am to 8 pm on September 19.  The Nis Fair will be held at the Cair Sports Center from 12 am to 8 pm on September 26.  

The participating companies announced more than 4,500 job vacancies this year, which shows how strong the interest and need for employment in certain economic sectors in Slovenia is, it was said in a statement issued by the Slovenian Employment Office.

Among the companies that will participate in the fairs are Krka, Lek, UKC Ljubljana, Revoz, Kolektor Group, Spar Slovenia, Merkator Business System, etc.

Representatives of two employment offices will also be present at the Belgrade and Nis fairs, from whom all interested persons will be able to get more information on the bilateral agreement reached between Serbia and Slovenia.

Shorter lectures will be organized for all visitors during which the working and living conditions in Slovenia will be presented.

The interstate agreement on the employment of Serbian nationals in Slovenia provides a more organized and regulated way of mediation and employment of workers, modeled on the employment of workers from Bosnia and Herzegovina, which means greater legal certainty for workers, it was said in the statement.

The procedure for selecting employees will begin at the initiative of a Slovenian employer, who will announce a job vacancy through the Employment Office of Slovenia, while notification about the job vacancy and the selection of candidates will be done in Serbia. The Slovenian employer will apply for a work permit, which will also cover the costs of the permit issuing procedure.

The work permit will be issued every three years with the possibility of extension, while workers will need to obtain the residence permit separately.  Last year, the Slovenian Employment Office issued more than 9,900 employment and work permits to Serbian citizens, which is a quarter of all permits and approvals issued.

Most of the workers are employed in the transport and storage, construction and manufacturing industries.

Last year, Serbian citizens were employed in Slovenia primarily as drivers of heavy and tow trucks, welders, electricians, tool makers, bricklayers, cooks and carpenters.  This year, Slovenian employers most often seek workers for simple jobs in the manufacturing industry, such as cleaners, servers, heavy truck drivers, builders, waiters, salesmen, welders etc.

Apart from the management of the Employment Offices and the associates working in the field of employment of foreigners in Slovenia and cooperation with employers, representatives of the Slovenian Ministry of Labor and the Directorate for Labor Market and Employment will participate in the said fairs.

More detailed information about the participants in the fairs is available on

Source: Tanjug news agency, Buinsess Morning and Coordination Body