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6. June 2012.

Bujanovac - Due to a heavy rainfall on Monday evening, which afflicted the Pcinj district, the Slatina and Trnovacka Rivers gushed out from their beds. The villages of Oslare and Levosoje are flooded, as well as the “New Settlement” quarter in Bujanovac. The water broke into the premises of the secondary school of economics, too. According to Drakce Stanojkovic, Head of the District Emergency Department, the water is currently under control.

“A dozen houses and a few accessory facilities in the villages of Oslare and Levosoje were flooded. The rain water flooded the basement of the secondary school of economics in Bujanovac, and it also broke into a few buildings, "said Mr. Stanojković.

The villagers of Oslare say that they don’t remember a storm like this one.  "Mostly flooded are basements and gardens, but the hardest thing for us is that our farming land and gardens got damaged. The damage is to be estimated today and we'll see what happens next.  We were fighting with the water throughout the night, while the firefighters and the army assisted us. We don’t remember that we have had such a storm in the past, "said Radoslav Stepan, one of the villagers of Oslare.

The fire-rescue teams from Bujanovac, which were assisted by fire-fighters from Vranje, the villagers and employees of the utility company, took part in the defense against the flooding. Yesterday, the river waters pulled back into the riverbeds, but the discharging of the rain water from the buildings continued by means of the machinery of the “Komunalc” company from Bujanovac.

Due to hail clouds, the radar center “Kukavica” activated the anti-hail system in the municipalities of Bujanovac and Vladicin Han.  All teams are in the field and they are working on repairing the consequences of floods.