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22. April 2014.

Medvedja-Lebane-Leskovac – Miodrag Marinkovic, the Head of the Department for Emergency Situations in Jablanica District, said that the situation on the ground was "a little bit better" that day.

"Emergency situation was announced in the area of ​​Lebane and Medvedja for the pupose of engaging all the available resources, the equipment and manpower to the repair roads that were washed away by floods," said Mr. Marjanovic.

He added that there were no flooded houses in those municipalities, but that there was water in the yards of some settlements. 

"Waters have brought to these two municipalities some uncategorized, local roads from the hills and  landslides have emerged, too,“ said Mr. Marjanovic.

He added that the water levels of the Veternica and South Morava  rivers "were currently below drefense against floods".

Marjanovic says that there are still some problems in the village of Lipovica, where the water that came from theJablanica river, flooded mostly the yards.

"We are working on ensuring that the water comes out of the village and returns to the riverbed," said Mr. Marjanovic.

Source: Jugpress and Coordination Body