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9. June 2011.

Vranje – Russian furniture companies “Italika“ and „IP“ are going to purchase from „Simpo“ the goods valued at  two million euro.

Contracts on  the purchase were signed in Vranje by representatives of  those firms and by Sladjan Disic, Director General of „Simpo“.

“This is the beginning of a serious return of “Simpo” to the Russian market,” said Mr.  Disic. He also said that over the previous few years they had been doing business with Russia through “Ikea”.  This year “Ikea” is going to delver to the Russian market “Simpo” furniture valued at 15 million euro. Mr. Disic believes that the abolition of customs barriers between Serbia and Russia is an excellent precondition for “Simpo” to get into the huge Russian market.

“Our ambitions regarding the Russian market are far greater. We can sell on the Russian market the goods valued up to 30 million euro per annum,” Mr. Disic said.

The owners and directors of  a few more Russian furniture companies, along with representatives of „Italika” and “IP”, visited Simpo’s  plants in Vranje, Bujanovac and Zbevec. Towards the end of their visit to Simpo, they formalized in Belgrade their cooperation with the leading furniture manufacturer in the Balkans. The people from “Simpo” say that another larger group of future Russian partners is going to visit them soon.

Simpo’s exports to many European countries have already reached the level of its exports at the time prior to disintegration of the former Yugoslavia, such as its exports to France and Italy. This Vranje’s company exports to Italy more now than it used to in the past.