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13. December 2011.

Vranje – The Vranje-based company “Simpo” and the Swedish “Ikea” company agreed that “Simpo” would export in 2012 to “Ikea” goods worth 20 million euros.  The goods to be exported are mattresses and furniture parts.  

Dragan Tomic, the Director General of “Simpo”, said that 100,000 mattresses would be delivered to “Ikea” in 2012, which would be sold on the Russian market.  That is why the streamlining of the Bujanovac plant was launched, the capacities of which would be increased to half a million mattresses per annum.

Mr. Tomic said in an interview that it was extremely important that “Simpo” wouldn’t be delivering furniture parts to “Ikea”, but finished products manufactured by domestic furniture producers. He pointed out that “Simpo” began cooperating with “Ikea” 35 years ago, when it was delivering wooden furniture to “Ikea”, whereas it nowadays mostly delivers furniture sets and sofas.

Mr. Tomic thinks that the coming of “Ikea” on the Serbian market would be a good thing for the domestic wooden industry, because those with good products would be able to get customers and enter the regional market.

“Simpo” is expected to become the major supplier of “Ikea” centers in the Southeastern Europe.