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30. September 2020.

Bujanovac, Decani – The Decani-born Zoran Petrovic and Radovan Milosevic, who initiated the action to put up a monument to the recently deceased last Serb in Decani, Bosko Ciric, at the Orthodox cemetery in that town, said that several Albanians from that town had joined the action, the “Beta” news agency reported.

Mr. Ciric, who was found dead in his flat in Decani on June 2 this year, lived alone, while the autopsy confirmed that he had died from natural causes. He was buried in Decani, and the memorial service was done by the monks of the Decani monastery, led by Abbot Sava Janjic.

Mr. Petrovic, a friend and neighbor of the late Mr. Ciric, said that the Serbs from Decani, who now live outside Kosovo, organized to erect a tombstone for Bosko Ciric together.

“When our friends and former Albanian neighbors from Decani heard about our action, about ten of them insisted that they also make a financial contribution to the erection of the monument. In addition, they expressed the wish that they clean our cemetery from the overgrown bushes, so that the monument could be placed on Boško's grave ", Mr. Petrovic said. 

According to him, the construction of the monument from Decani marble in the stone-cutting shop "Prekadina" in Pec is nearing completion, while the Albanians from Decani are already tidying up the cemetery near the monastery, so that the grave of Bosko Ciric could be approached.

Mr. Milosevic said that the concrete frame on Mr. Ciric's grave had already been made and that the monument would be erected in the following 15 days.

“This has nothing to do with politics.  Our Ciro was liked by both the Serbs and Albanians. It is a matter of respecting friendships and family relationships that date back several decades ago. We too help our Albanian neighbors when they need something in Belgrade. This is proof that humanity and honesty are above politics," Mr. Milosevic said.

Mr. Petrovic and Mr. Milosevic have been living in Belgrade since the end of the NATO bombing campaign. In mid-June 1999, around 1,500 Serbs and Montenegrins, who had lived in that small town at the foot of Mt.Prokletije, left Decani. In the meantime, most of the monuments in the Orthodox cemetery were desecrated.

Source: Bujanovac News and Coordination Body