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8. April 2010.

On Thursday, April 8, 2010, the Serbian President Boris Tadic inaugurated the “Lece” mine in Medvedja. This lead, zinc, gold and silver mine didn’t operate for full ten years. Attending the inauguration was Milan Markovic, President of the Coordination Body for the Municipalities of Presevo, Bujanovac and Medvedja and Minister of Public Administration and Local Self-Government.   

While talking with the miners at the flotation of the “Lece” mine, President Tadic pointed out: “I am convinced that, in spite of economic difficulties, we can make a lot of investments in Serbia’s poor regions as we did in the municipality of Medvedja”. As a token of welcome, the miners presented President Tadic with a statuette of a miner in lead and zinc.  

The “Lece” mine has been privatized and it presently operates as part of the “Farmakom MB” concern. Miroslav Bogicevic, the owner of the mine, is planning to employ, by stages, 300 miners in the “Lece” mine. The planned annual output of the “Lece” mine is 230,000 tons of the lead-zinc ore, out of which 450 kg of gold, three tons of silver, 3, 2 tons of lead and 12,000 tons of zinc should be obtained.   

Prior to visiting the “Lece” mine, President Tadic talked with students of the Albanian and Serbian ethnic background who study at the extended departments of the Nis University’s Faculties of Economics and Law in Medvedja. While talking with the students, President Tadic asked members of the Albanian nationality to assume a share of the responsibility for development of the country in which they live. “I want to encourage our Albanians to take part in the operation of their own national institutions in Serbia, since this is their country; too, this is your home as well”.