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31. July 2020.

Leskovac – The Albanian political leaders from South Serbia asked Pristina authorities to allow them to be treated for the COVID-19 virus in healthcare facilities in Kosovo because, as they say, they "suspect they would receive proper medical treatment in hospitals where no Albanians are employed." Leskovac doctors reply that such accusations are unfounded.

"For well-known reasons, the Albanians of Presevo, Bujanovac and Medvedja are afraid that they will not receive proper medical treatment and service in the regional hospitals of Vranje and Leskovac," Ragmi Mustafa, the President of the National Council of Albanians (NCA),said on Twitter, adding that "the situation regarding the coronavirus in the Presevo Valley is upsetting ".  

The Director of the General Hospital in Leskovac, Nebojsa Dimitrijevic, says that he is surprised by such accusations and claims that all the suspicions are unfounded.

“We were controlled by the Ministry of Health last week and our COVID hospital received the highest possible mark. I responsibly claim that all patients who come to our hospital have identical treatment, regardless of their nationality. We do not divide them by nationality, but by the severity of their symptoms. COVID patients get maximum care, according to all prescribed standards, whether they are from Leskovac or Presevo, Medvedja, Lebane, Bujanovac or Bojnik. There is really no reason for giving such statements ", Dr. Dimitrijevic says.

He invited the Albanian politicians from South Serbia to visit Leskovac and see for themselves the condition of all patients and health services at the COVID Hospital in that city.

Dr. Dimitrijevic also says that patients from those parts of South Serbia have been undergoing the most complex coronary surgical procedures and the installation of stents in the Leskovac hospital for several years now. 

Source: Jugmedia, Vranje News and Coordination Body