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September 30, 2010

30. September 2010.

“Telekom” in Lebane

The Joint Stock Telecommunications Company “Telekom Srbija” a.d. opened yesterday its branch-office in Lebane, where it presented a new concept of its consolidated mobile and landline services, as well as of a multimedia service. Apropos of the opening of the new branch-office, mobile telephones were offered to the citizens of Lebane at reasonable prices, and a 50% discount for subscription over the next twelve months was approved to them.

The municipality of Lebane provided to “Telekom Srbija” a.d. business premises for the new branch-office in the city center, the area of which is 40m2.

“Telekom Srbija” a.d. said that it would open another branch-office in Medvedja over the next two months. Medvedja is a municipality situated close to the administrative line between Serbia and Kosovo and Metohija.