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30. October 2014.

The second regional workshop under the title of the “Introduction of Program Budgeting at the Local Level - Preparing the Budget for 2015” will be held today in Vranje.  

Apart from representatives of the local self-government in Vranje, the said regional workshop will be attended by representatives of the following local self-governments: Leskovac , Bojnik , Lebane, Medvedja,  Vlasotince , Crna Trava , Vladicin Han, Surdulica , Bosilegrad , Targoviste , Bujanovac Presevo, Vranjska Banja, Prokuplje,  Blace, Kursumlija, Zitoradja and Babusnica.  

Presented at the workshop will be the models of documents drawn up ​​by the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities, as well as the guidelines for their use in the budget process. In addition, the presentation will include the forms and guidance for their completion by budget users, as well as a matrix for the preparation of decisions on the budget and the guidelines for the preparation of a draft decision on the budget for 2015.

The workshop was organized by the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities, while training through the workshop is supported by the European Union’s “Exchange 4” program and the project “Creating Innovative Methodology for Performance Management for the Purpose of Achieving Greater Accountability of Local Self-Governments in Serbia”, which is funded by the British Embassy and the Foundation for an Open Society.

Source: Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities and Coordination Body