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20. February 2018.

Presevo – The local self-government was constituted in Presevo yesterday, while Sciprim Arifi, the leader of the "Alternative for Changes" party, whose list won the most votes at the local elections and got 15 seats in the local parliament, was elected to the position of the Mayor of Presevo.  

The President of the Municipal Assembly is Sami Salihu from the group of citizens “Movement for Reforms ", whereas his Deputy is Branko Trajkovic from the list" Aleksandar Vucic – Together for Serbia.”

The Serbs have not had their representatives in the local self-government since 2004, neither have they had councilors in the Municipal Assembly since 2012.

As reported by the Serbian Broadcasting Corporation, the opposition, consisting of members of the Democratic Party of Albanians, the Democratic Action Party and the Democratic Union of the Valley, left the local parliament prior to the election of the President of the Municipal Assembly and other municipal bodies. 

Sciprim Arifi, the Mayor of Presevo, who held that post in 2016, too, said that he would continue undertaking the activities initiated then, which are primarily directed towards economic development, providing textbooks in the Albanian language, which is within the scope of tasks of the Albanian National Council, and the opening of border crossing with Macedonia, located between the villages of Miratovac and Lojane.

Source: “Tanjug” and “Beta” news agencies and Coordination Body