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22. May 2013.

Leskovac – The Football Association of Serbia launched the project "My School, My Club".

“The goal of the FAS is to spread the football base around Serbia, because nowadays many kids opt for playing football. We have good experience with school sports in the Communist system, when all sports were adequately represented in schools. Our idea is to return to schools and to bring football back to schools ", said the Director of National Teams of the Football Association of Serbia and celebrated international football player Savo Milosevic.

Mr. Milosevic donated the sports equipment, soccer balls, cones and breast markers to the representatives of 31 schools in the Jablanica District. While speaking about the project, Mr. Milosevic said that "it is entirely applicable to other sports, and that the FAS wouldn’t mind if  some other sports association applied it in practice".

"The Football Association of Serbia is preparing another project that refers to the installation of sports fields with artificial grass throughout Serbia. When it comes to the development of better sports infrastructure, I have to say that the city of Leskovac is one of our priorities. In addition to Leskovac, our priorities include Pirot and Vranje. We will try to focus as much as possible on South Serbia", said Mr. Milosevic.

If we don’t invest in sports, we’ll invest in hospitals, says Mr. Milosevic.

"It is important how we invest in sports, too. In this case, the infrastructure is very important, and we are legging, in this field, behind the rest of Europe. If the local self-government doesn’t have enough funds, then the one who has them should direct them towards infrastructure and training.  It is also very important to know the people working with the young.

“It seems to me that this problem is widespread, too”, said Mr. Milosevic.

The "My School, My Club" project isn’t just about the distribution of sporting goods and equipment, but it also fits the needs of children and teachers of physical education.

Source:  JUGpress