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31. May 2017.

Bujanovac – A total of 150 students who completed elementary school will be able to enroll in the first class of the "Saint Sava" vocational school in Bujanovac in the 2017/2018 school year. Unlike previous years, there will not be any enrollment of students who wish to train for salespersons. However, this school year, as part of dual education, 15 students who will be trained for welders and locksmith will be enrolled for the first time.

The aforementioned professions are demanded on the labor market and are well paid, so that School Principal Biserka Jovic expects that the students who opt for them will be able to get employed upon school completion.

We signed contracts with "Megal” company from Bujanovac, “Alfa-Plam” company from Vranje and “Bida” company from Vranje, whereby it was agreed that our students, future welders and locksmith in those companies, should carry out their practical work during their studies at those companies," School Principal Jovic said.

As emphasized by the School Principal, students will have their mentors, who will monitor their training and overall work, based on which, if the mentors are satisfied, the students will get employed at the said companies right after graduating from school.  

Under the competition for enrollment in the first grade in the next school year, in addition to a combined class for dual education, the enrollment of 30 future financial administrators, mechanical technicians for motor vehicles and nurses and teachers is envisaged.

 Source: Bujanovacke and Coordination Body