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28. October 2016.

Bujanovac – On the occasion of the month of books, an exhibition of books was organized for students and the general public in the lobby of the "Saint Sava" vocational school in Buajnovac.

The presentation of new reading materials, dictionaries and encyclopedias, which were purchased for the school library during the year, is designed with the aim of having the books "come down" from the shelves and "get out" of the library, so that they could be brought closer to the students.

“We selected the characters from famous literary works. We dressed the students who would evoke them in identifiable costumes. In addition to the presentation of literary characters, the pupils-actors will recommend to their friends and visitors of the exhibition the most appropriate books to read, "Dragana Milenkovic, the teacher of the Serbian language, said

She, along with her colleagues and the school librarian, is a part of the team that organized and staged the traditional exhibition.

At the exhibition booth, students of the school, who wore costumes borrowed from the Bujanovac folk ensemble "Soko", talked with the visitors and potential readers and, at their sole discretion, recommend to them the appropriate books they should read.

"We wanted to emphasize the importance of books and to contribute to the development of a culture of reading among our students," said Biserka Jovic, the School Principal.

The school has a library with a fund of over 15,000 books, ranging from school reading to the professional literature.

Source: Bujanovac News and Coordination Body