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29. March 2021.

The Association of Students with Disabilities rewards the activism of young people with disabilities! The association has prepared valuable rewards for those who will be activists since it wants to encourage young people with disabilities to get involved in such activities and fight for their rights.  The rewards that are in line with the needs of young people, such as computers, tablets and technology vouchers, await the best of them.  

When it comes to social activism, the Association means the following:

  • Engagement in the activities related to social inclusion, human rights, ecology. .
  • Attending training courses and workshops related to social activism
  • Taking part in forums, round tables, info stands, public actions, discussions and webinars on the topics related to social activism
  • Volunteering in organizations dealing with youth work and social activism
  • Participating in the work of youth bodies, such as the student or university parliament or local community youth committees
  • Appearing in the media and talking about socially engaged topics
  • Participating in volunteer actions that are socially engaged
  • Participating in human rights advocacy activities
  • Developing and posting online content or creative content that deals with activist topics and awareness-raising (social networks, blogs, YouTube…).


If you want to apply and potentially receive a valuable prize, you can send an e-mail to the Association of Students with Disabilities, the e-mail address of which is You need to write about how you were engaged as an activist, what the topic was and to describe that experience, as well as provide some evidence (photos, links, confirmation from the competent person…), as well as about what got you to become active, what you learned and what was most important to you.

The rewards will be presented twice a year - in July and December.  The application deadline for the first round of rewards is June 30, 2021.

The activities will be scored according to the level of engagement and topics, but priority will certainly be given to activism in the field of social inclusion and the rights of people with disabilities. The ranking list for the first round of rewards will be published around  July 5 and will be transparent.

It is very important that young people with disabilities participate equally in all social activities and fight for their rights, but also contribute to society. The Association of Students with Disabilities, as a youth organization, wants to motivate young people who are active, persistent and committed and who want to contribute to improving the position of people with disabilities.   

Source: and Coordination Body