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12. May 2017.

Bujanovac - 146 persons are currently staying at the Reception Refugee Center in Bujanovac, mainly families with children, as well as a number of unaccompanied minors, said Nemanja Bozovic, the Manager of the center. 

Mr. Bozovic said that no incidents had occurred at the camp since its establishment, although a large number of people stayed at it for a long time, as well as that the refugees and migrants themselves were interested in contributing to the local community in which they resided.  

“We are organizing a campaign for cleaning up the Trnovacka River on Saturday, in which 30 to 40 refugees and migrants from the center, along with volunteers from Bujanovac, will take part.  The campaign is organized by the Municipal Association for Ecology. Volunteers from the Bujanovac Red Cross Branch Office and the Commissariat for Refugees will join the campaign,” Mr. Bozovic said.

He said that the refugees and migrants were particularly interested in helping with cleaning up the banks of the Trnovacka River because families with children usually spent their time by the river and wanted to contribute to the community in which the center was located.

According to him, the Reception Center in Bujanovac, which is located on the renovated premises of the former “Svetlost” plant, had the capacity for receiving and sheltering 220 people.

“The conditions for accommodation are at the highest possible level. Not only are all those who are accommodated here provided with three meals per day, but there are also regular health checks ups, as well as the hygiene service,  which includes not only women who maintain hygiene, but also the migrants," Mr. Bozovic said.

Mr. Bozovic said that special attention was paid to the health status of the refugees and migrants, all of who undergo medical checkups on arrival at the reception center, as well as at the departure from it.

Source: “Beta” news agency and Coordination Body