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29. May 2013.

Bujanovac, Novi Sad – At the 80th. International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad, the Alliance One Tobacco Company presented, for the seventh time, the annual "Golden Tobacco Leaf" awards to the best tobacco growers for the achieved quality of tobacco in the past year.

This year's awards were presented to Salihi Seljim from the village of Veliki Trnovac, which is situated in the municipality of Bujanovac, in the category of Oriental tobacco, to Bata Alajos from Totovo village, which is situated in the municipality of Kanjiža, in the category of Burley tobacco, and to Marko Beric, from the municipality of Bogatic, in the category of Virginia- type tobacco. 

The annual "Golden Tobacco Leaf" is awarded every year in recognition of tobacco growers who, owing to their dedication to and investment in the tobacco production, set new standards   and contributed to improving the quality of domestic tobacco. The Alliance One Tobacco Company does the selection, purchase, processing, packaging, storage and transportation of domestic tobacco for the needs of the Philip Morris Company in Serbia, which is the donor of the "Golden Tobacco Leaf" award.

"By the tradition of giving awards, we want to grant recognition to individual tobacco manufacturers with whom we have been cooperating successfully for many years,  for the purpose of improving the production of tobacco and making tobacco more competitive on the market," said Jelica Leontijević, CEO of the Alliance One Tobacco Company in Serbia.

Milos Milosevic, Manager of tobacco leaves at the Philip Morris Company in Serbia, said that the company was pleased to participate, this year, too, in giving the “Golden Tobacco Leaf'” awards to the best tobacco manufacturers that set new standards in the production and quality of tobacco.  

"We are proud to point out the fact that as a result of our long-term cooperation, the Oriental- type tobacco produced in Serbia reached the highest quality ever recorded in the last decade, and our company is the only one in Serbia that buys and uses this type of domestic tobacco," said Mr. Milosevic.

Source: “Danas” daily