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19. August 2019.

Medvedja –  The National Employment Office provided the competent persons in the municipality of Medvedja with the opportunity to employ, through the professional training program, ten young people with no work experience.  

A formal signing of the contracts with unemployed persons was Mayor Nebojsa Arsic’s Office.  

“Professional training is a program whereby you will acquire a certain level of knowledge and work habits, with the later possibility of taking a state professional exam that will open the door for you to permanently resolve your working status, "Mayor Nebojša Arsić said.  

In addition to the municipal administration of the municipality of Medvedja, 4 more persons used the possibility of professional training through the Tourist Organization of the municipality of Medvedja and the Rehabilitation Center in Sijarinska Spa. All persons who will undergo professional training are from the territory of the municipality of Medvedja.  Of those ten, four are with a university degree, two with a two-year post-secondary school degree and the remaining four with a secondary school diploma.

After signing the contracts, the new employees were assigned to the administration departments of the of the municipality of Medvedja, where they would be performing their first jobs for the next 6, 8 or 12 months, depending on the qualifications they had acquired.

And the Center for the Development of Jablanica and Pcinj District signed a contract with the municipality of Medvedja on the implementation of the Project "Establishment of the Office for Entrepreneurship", where 11 persons would be engaged for a period of 6 months.

The main objective of the joint project is to respond to the growing needs of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in the municipality of Medvedja through the activities implemented by this project. The implementation of the project will help achieve the specific goals envisaged by the program, namely boosting entrepreneurship and developing an entrepreneurial spirit. 

The persons employed through the project are mostly highly educated young people, while the minority Albanian population is also involved in the project.

Source: Jugmedia and Coordination Body