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PRESS RELEASE - 24.11.2012.

26. November 2012.

The School of the Serbian language begins operating on Saturday, November 24, 2012. Students will attend classes at the Cultural Center in Bujanovac and at the secondary technical school in Presevo.  

The school will have 310 students, who will, during a seven- month period, twice per week, on Saturdays and Sundays, with the assistance of teachers of the Serbian language and two teaching assistants from the Albanian community, improve their knowledge of Serbian for free and gain certified diplomas.

Candidates who took the test of the Serbian language may find information relating to the organization of the school at the following locations:

In Bujanovac - at the Coordination Body’s office, on the notice board of the municipality of Bujanovac, at the Cultural Center, which is situated in the Faculty of Economics’ Department, and at secondary school “Sezai Suroi”?  In Presevo – at the Coordination Body’s office, at the notice board  of the municipality of Presevo, at the secondary technical school and at the “Skenderbeg” grammar school. 

Students of the Serbian language school that have any additional questions may contact Milica Rodic by phone on 063 105 07 13 or by e-mail at  or Rahim Salihi on 063 105 22 79 or at