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18. September 2020.

Nis - Preparatory classes for the bar exam, which were being held exclusively in Belgrade for 30 years, will be held in Nis for the first time this fall. They will be held for all lawyers from southeastern Serbia wishing to take this complex and difficult exam.

Classes, organized by the PE "Official Gazette" from Belgrade, will be held from October 2 to November 2, while the lecturers will be public prosecutors and judges of the Court of Appeals, as well as lawyers and associates of the "Official Gazette". Classes will be held according to the program that is applied in Belgrade.

“The idea was that all those who do not have the financial and other opportunities to go to and stay in Belgrade, get the same education in Nis, which is hundreds of kilometers nearer to them than Belgrade”, said Violeta Stamenkovic from Nis, a law graduate and a representative of the "Official Gazette", who came up with the idea herself and organized the lectures.

Representatives of the "Official Gazette" will give all participants a 50 percent discount on the literature and textbooks. They will also get free Internet that month, as well as free access to all laws and regulations of the Republic of Serbia.

“At the same time, the participants will become members of the "Official Gazette Club", so that in the future they will have a 25 percent discount on all editions of that publisher”, Ms. Stamenkovic said.

Classes will be held at the Regional Center for Professional Development, Pariske komune bb, which is located next to the Mediana municipality building.

All additional information is available on the website of the "Official Gazette", while Violeta Stamenković's contact phone number is: 0633445800.

Source: Jugmedia and Coordination Body