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24. December 2015.

Medvedja – Widya Parsaoran Gultom, the political counselor of the Embassy of Indonesia, visited the municipality of Medvedja, while the purpose of the visit was to familiarize the municipality of Medvedja with the resources of Indonesia.  Although cultural differences between Indonesia and Serbia are large, Indonesia, because of its multiethnic character, is similar to Medvedja.

Mr. Gultom took delight in the coexistence between all religious and ethnic communities in the municipality of Medvedja and called on Mayor Arsic and his associates to attend a meeting with businessmen from Indonesia in Belgrade, where they would acquaint the businessmen of Indonesia with investment opportunities in Medvedja.

“During a cordial and friendly discussion, we agreed that our next meeting would take place in Sijarinska Spa in May, when they would present to us the cultural values ​​of the Republic of Indonesia and their folklore, which already exists in our country. At the meeting, they expressed  their wish to establish international cooperation, "said Mayor Arsic.

Source: Info Center South and Coordination Body